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Racking Secrets ll, by Joe Tucker

Racking Secrets II starts off with 3 newly defined Breaking Secrets that cover effective breaking styles that are explained in detail. This section is meant to help you find your own consistent & powerful break. We’re all different and you’ll find what works best for you.
I struggled for nearly 20 yrs with an inconsistent break before finally figuring this out. Now I am sharing my findings with you.
In Section 2 we cover the 10 Ball rack in detail by learning what spaces matter the most, and racking orders. Plus how the energy and cue ball direction affect the spread and how to adjust.
Section 3 has some very important 9 Ball updates on the rack along with some suggested breaking options to add to your game. (They’re cheating again but we have the answer, AGAIN.)
The DVD has no fluff at all. It’s go, go, go, all the way through, and I promise you’ll get way more than your money’s worth.
1hr 40 min. $45.00 (RSIIJT)



The Eight Ball Bible – By R. Givens

The critically acclaimed “Eight Ball Bible” is quite simply the best 8-ball book ever written. It provides illustrated instruction for every major aspect of high-speed 8-ball from safety play to the mental skills needed for championship competition. Players at all levels can improve after reading it. Concepts are clearly explained with over 460 diagrams. Players will either win using “The Eight Ball Bible” strategies, or be defeated by them. 283 pages.
(all copies autographed)
$30.00 (EBBRG)



Pool Wars by Jay Helfert

On the road to Hell and back with the
World’s greatest money players.


Lifetime pool player/promoter/enthusiast, Jay “Toupee Jay” Helfert — and I recite his nickname with affection — has taken us on a fun ride through what I call the Golden Years of pool and pool hustling. Jay’s misspent youth turns out to be our good fortune, as he has chronicled many of the events that have heretofore have been known only to the participants. Pool has never received much air or tabloid space, so many of our exploits have stayed alive only through word of mouth, or the efforts of a few lonely billiard writers, myself included of course.
So climb aboard and see what it was like to navigate throughout the shady shark-infested war zones of Chicago’s Bensingers, New York’s 711, LA’s Big Mama’s, Hollywood’s Ye Billiard Den, and so on, with the best players/hustlers of that generation.
Autographed copies $19.95 (PWJH)

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"Toledo" Joe's Game Busting One Pocket

At age 80, Toledo Joe Thomas has been hustling pool for more than 60 years and still plays high speed. Joe is finally revealing the secrets he discovered in half a century of playing champions like Cornbread Red, Minnesota Fats, Eddie Taylor and many of the greatest one pocket players who ever lived. The information in these DVDs enables intermediate players to win games against elite players, and better shooters can become dominant players. Joe’s moves will put opponents at your mercy no matter how straight they shoot! This two DVD set has over 2 Hours of instruction covering, 70 Game Busting Shots, and the strategies to escape from difficult situations.

Viewers quickly learn to solve difficult situations that come up all the time. This jam packed 2 DVD set shows how to use Double Kiss Banks to control the cue ball. Beat opponents into submission using Threat Balls. Learn the Great Escape Getaway shot. Win from losing positions. Crush opponents with power moves. Find the exact aim to make caroms. Learn the winning strategies and upgrade your one pocket game.

Money players will pay for this DVD set in the first outing. Toledo Joe is a natural teacher who reveals powerful secrets unknown to all but a handful of players. When you apply this knowledge in your game, you’ll see an immediate increase in your level of play.
This special Two Volume Set has over 2 hours of must see instruction on two discs.

 $49.95 (GBOP)



Racking Secrets DVD from Joe Tucker

Joe Tucker introduced the art of reading racks in 1999 with his highly recommended book “Racking Secrets” (now out of print). Now Joe comes to you via DVD and clearly explains and demonstrates how powerful this knowledge is. He starts off with 9 Ball and shows why and how the wing (corner) balls do and don’t go. Shows you how to adjust your cue ball speed and placement according to how the balls are racked. He shows you how to make more and give up less 9 Balls on the break. Honestly & Legally! The 2 DVD’s are almost 3 hrs long and they also cover 8 Ball, 10 Ball, 14.1 (a very specific approach to aiming and predicting 14.1 break shots) 15 Ball Rotation (How racking in order can help you play the ghost in 15 Ball Rotation) He ends with the One Pocket break. Not only will you become proficient in the art of Rack Reading, but Joe gives some pretty good aiming advice in the straight pool section. This $30 investment will definitely help you win more matches and may pay for itself your first time out and continue to do so for the rest of your pool playing career. $29.95 (RSJT)



THE PRO BOOK by Bob Henning

(all copies autographed)

This book brings the latest advancements in training methods and techniques into pool. Intended for the competitive player, it will produce dramatic results in your game, if you put in the effort. Improve your ability to play using 130 reference shots, keyed into your memory with 16 primary shots. Expand your knowledge with reference safeties, kicks, kick safeties, and banks. Refine your table evaluation and pre-shot routines. Increase your mastery of peak performance with nutrition, mental training and conditioning. Organize your own training program for the physical, mental and emotional aspects of pool. If you are serious about competing at a higher level, this book is your ticket to getting there! $49.95 (PDBH)


The Advanced Pro Book by Bob Henning

(all copies autographed)

Seven years of additional research from the author of The Pro Book, widely considered the most advanced training resource in pool. This new book covers five major areas of strategy and training techniques for the serious pool player: Honing Your Technique, Mastering the Shot Routine, Mastering Advanced Tools, Getting Your Game Out, and Match Strategy. This book contains advanced strategies and training techniques and is intended for the serious pool player. It’s a free standing book and the original Pro Book is not required to use it effectively, but being familiar with The Pro Book or The Pro Book DVD Series would be an advantage.

Train to execute advanced shots, position play, defensive play, banks and kicks.
Learn to get your best game out when you need it! Keep your focus under pressure!
Discover advanced strategies for the front, mid, and end games. Learn to take control!
Hone your technique to a master’s edge by using your own natural coordination! Increase your consistency by incorporating personal alignment, stroke and rhythm. Master the shot routine, visualization, and timing. Discover what is natural for you! $49.95 (APBBH)




The PRO BOOK DVD Series by Bob Henning

This complete training system breaks shot-making, position play, safeties, kick safeties, kicks, and banks into the most strategic forms and teaches an accelerated method to attain mastery with each one. The training of pool has evolved greatly in the last few years and this high-performance series is on the cutting edge. Increase your training effectiveness, expand your problem-solving skills, enhance your creativity, and improve your ability to execute. 

Volume I: The Sweet Sixteen: The 16 root shots of position play, and the 15 important extended shots.

Volume II: The Outer Limits: The 22 boundary shots, and the 20 extended boundary shots.

Volume III: It’s Hammer Time: The 16 root safeties, and the 8 strategic kick safeties.

Volume IV: The Great Escape: The 12 most crucial kicks, and the 8 most strategic bank shots.  $134.95 (PBDPH)